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Fic:Brothers (Chapter 1)

Jan. 26th, 2008 | 09:54 am
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Fic: Brothers (Chapter 1)
author: Kazuryoshi
genre: myth, humanity, love
character: Kato shigeaki, Yasuda Shota, nishikido Ryo, Ohkura Tadayoshi, Yokoyama you, Murakami Shingo, Tegoshi Yuuya and yeah...Leah Dizon
pairing: not yet...but there will..for sure. 
Disclaimer: i am married with Shige..yeah rite..
Rating: G



“I’m going now”


“okay…and be careful”


“I will”


Shota watched as Shige left their decaying hut while his finger caressing a locket that felt cold as it touches his chest. They have been living together for years and took an oath that they will be brothers forever but none ever open their mouths and spit their bitter pasts to the other. Their pasts were their only treasures and also the only connection between them and the life they had before they were thrown inside the slum. They had promised to suppress the memories of the pasts for the sake of their future.


“but there is no future for us here”. Sad. Shota slowly paced his way outside to where he could see the great sun burning furiously and spreads the warmth to the world. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he wonders what it feels like to be a bird?.


“Birds has wings; they can fly to wherever they want” he thought.


“its good to be you right?” he said to the birds that flew pass him.


The birds chirp and bow then fly high up to the sky.


“did they just…?” he questioned himself in awe but then decided that it was only his imagination. Birds do no bow.


He had nothing else to do so he decided to pay a visit to his favourite place.


The wood.


The wood is a beautiful virgin maiden that sleeps peacefully in the arms of the darkness, away, away, away from the greedy eyes of the hunters. The wood knew him, welcomed him and embraced him in her gentle hug. The wood is still as if it was untouched by time, but sometimes, Shota could hear voices as if someone is whispering the unknown words that he could and could not understand all at the same time. Never once he took notice of those mysterious words and never once he got scared by them. The wood is full of walking spirits, unseen and Shota could feel hundred pairs of watchful eyes watching him all the time but those eyes were gentle, warm and somehow waiting.Waiting for something that is unknown to him.

Never once he bothered to know what it was.


In the deepest side of the wood was where Shota had found his secret hiding place. There he found his new companion, a giant rose tree that has only one flower. Red rose that always blooms and never dries up dances every time he came and Shota always loves to watch it dancing. Beside the rose stands a very old giant tree, a definitely prominent figure of the wood, it has giant roots that is now Shota’s darling place to rest and when he is sleepy, the still wood will come to live. The wind plays the soft music while the leaves, the trees and all the creatures in the wood will sing to him a mystical lullaby to send him into a deep and peaceful sleep. 


People avoided the wood for the wood was feared with its dark mystery. People believed that the wood is a house of a fearsome creature.  “The creature come out to hunt at night and sleep at day, it has red eyes, long and sharp teeth, smoking breath that smells like a rotten corpse, it eats raw meets, drinks fresh blood and most of all, favours children’ sweet meet”. That was what parents always told their children to keep them safe and sound at home when the night begins spreading its mysterious dark veil. Night in the slum is always darker than any other place inhabited by man. The truth is, anyone who entered the wood will never be seen again, so no one ever come back to tell the truth about the wood.  People assumed they were all killed by something and that was when the story of fearsome and ugly creature started. Some people refused to believe it but still it was evident that they were all scared of the wood.


But never once Shota got scared by it.


-The rose is dancing-  Shota is here again.


“something happened on my way here” Shota talks casually to the flower as if it could hear and understand him.


The wood seemed quieter then it already was.


“there was this man, I think he was drunk. You know what he did to me?”


The rose dances gracefully. To the left, to the right.


“he called me!”

“hey girl!”

“ He called me girl!! Can you believe it?”


“Come here!! Kiss me or I’ll kill you” he said while imitating the man awkwardly for he is just bad at imitating.

if only the rose could laugh…


“of course I ignored him, then he started chasing after me, I was scared back then, I kept screaming for help.”


“help! Help! But no one even bother to look”


“that man caught me but I kicked his stomach real hard and he vomited” Shota was a bit proud while saying that and found it difficult to suppress his giggle.


“his face looked funny” he continued.


“I saw some kind of yellow liquid coming out from his mouth and it smelt terrible, ew…that was gross, then I ran, then I am here!” brilliant smile but a bit smeared by an invincible pain that came from nowhere.


“Rose chan, you know what, if Shige was there, he will finish him easily because Shige is very strong.” his voice slightly trembling “He works hard everyday so we have something to eat. Shige is my little brother, my sweet and kind little brother, I should be the one taking care of him but look at me, I am useless, I am nothing but his burden…Rose chan, I really hate myself”  he started crying. That cry turned into sob and that sob made him hurt his chest and the pain made him curled himself before the mixture of pain and agony forced him to fall on the ground.

He felt ashamed of his worthless self. With his hand, he wiped the tears that in turn left tracks of tears and dust on his face. That hand of his then is lifted as if trying to reach something but then he pull back and that hand is now accompanying his other hand, playing pillow under his head.


A crimson red petal fell and landed on Shota’s small hand.


Perhaps Rose chan is crying too.


“Shota, everything will be all right”


The soft voice stopped him from crying.


“…hey, it wasn’t there yesterday…” his eyes widened.



* * *



“father please let me go with you”


“no, its dangerous, the slum is nothing you could ever imagine of, people who live there are all sinners and dangerous. No son, I won’t risk it”


“but… but… is it true?, I mean, I heard people talking about that place and I really want to see it and confirm it with my own eyes. I want to see how they live and most importantly… how they survive” the young master has not given up yet.


“look son, I have to go there because its my responsibility as a leader to watch over my people, they are my people too and I have tried to improve their life yet nothing work so far. Trust me son, you will not ready for it, in fact, I think you never will, but I promise, one day, when you are older, I’ll take you with me.”. the president is adamant with his decision but deep inside his heart, he is proud of his son for he is willing to get out of his comfortable cocoon to see how the life goes in the slum, a place where no rich kids would dare setting their foots in.




“I promise” a father’s promise to his precious flesh and blood.


The president shifted his look to his second son who stands next to his brother.


“Tadayoshi” he gently spoke to his taller son.


“yes father” the young Tadayoshi, 15 years of age looked up and flinched as his father tried to pinch his slightly chubby cheek. Then he giggled as his father patted his head.


“you are so naughty don’t you know that?” he said while tousling his son’s hair.


“no I am not”


“be good to your brother”  




“and your mother”






“I promise”


Looking back to his oldest son.



“yes father”


“can I trust you to watch over your mom and your brother while I’m gone”


“I will father, you can trust me” answered the young master assertively.


“and Leah, look out for our children while I’m gone. I love you and don’t worry. I’ll be fine, after all he’s with me” gently he drew his beloved wife nearer before planted a kiss on her forehead.


After saying goodbye to his family, the president went off with a friend.

His friend is a man he trust his life to, a man who had been with him all the way through and a man that is now his own wise prime minister, Murakami Shingo.


“we won’t be seeing him in a week” speaking in her motherly tone, she tried to hide her own anxiety, the fear she had for her husband’s safety. She couldn’t understand why he wanted to disguise as a commoner, not as president that has trained soldier to guard him and protecting him from dangerous threats.  This is slum he is going to, not an ordinary place. She was feared for the things she had heard but never witnessed about the slum. She had tried to stop him but when the president has made up his mind; no one else could change it. Not even his wife.


Ryo watched as his mother started to break down and with the help of Tadayoshi, he managed to hold her up and supported her to stand and brought her back to her room.


“get some rest mother, I am sure father will be all right” he said while gently stroking his mother’s hair. A beautiful silky long black hair with a calming lavender scent.


“stay with mother, I’m going to get her some water” he said to his brother.


Ryo stood up and slowly left the room and prays silently for his stubborn father and uncle

Shingo’s safety.



* * *


“its only the two of us”




“And we have pretty much nothing and no one to protect us except this gun”




“this old gun”




“I am four months pregnant”



“stop ‘yeah-ing’ me! and damn! you don’t even listen to me, hey… Yoko, tell me why?”


“why? Why what?”


“don’t ‘why what’ me! why?! Why the hell you want to go there?”


“relax…watch your volume, don’t forget the fact that now you are talking to a president of your beloved country”


“go to hell with your president! No Yoko! You are my friend and I’ve known you for too long that I don’t have to guess there is something behind this. This trip to living hell is crazy, you are jeopardizing your life and mine and you don’t even tell me why!... Why!? And oh have I mentioned to you that I am not married yet?!”


“which ‘why?’ you want me to answer first” it is a wonder if the president is actually mentally challenged or he just bad at making jokes because in a calm, relaxing day, that kind of question might be taken as “oh I got it, he is just trying to crack some joke” but in this kind of situation, the question will be more likely to provoke someone than making them laugh.


“ouch!” a free gift in a form of sharp tsukkomi from shingo.


“I really missed doing that to you man, now tell me why?”


“okay, okay… but, you may not going to believe it”


“try me…but you better be sure that the reason is worthy enough”


“okay…” the president took a deep and heavy breath as if it is was his last breath on earth.


“I had a dream…”



* * *



Darkness has started its invasion on the sky of the lifeless slum.


“here’s your food son”


“thank you sir, thank you”


“so, see you tomorrow, don’t be late”


“I won’t”


“bye bye shige”. Said a cute boy with a large brown eye.


“bye tegoshi” he said without looking at the boy.


“Shige is so nice. I like Shige” tegoshi whisper to himself while smiling as he watches him leaving the shop.


Holding a small package with his calloused hand, Shige ran as fast as he can. He can’t wait to see Shota and hand him the food he got, the leftovers. He ran even faster knowing Shota who’s waiting for him is weak and hungry for he has no food to eat the whole day.


The thought made him run even faster.


With the pace he is now standing in front of their hut.


“Sho kun, I’m home, see I got lots of food today, we can have a fea-..,”

“sho kun?”


His Sho kun is no where to be found.



* * *



Sleep little darling, don’t be scared.

Be at peace,be at peace

Hush little darling,  I’m here with you.

Sleep little darling and dream of me.

Be at peace, be at peace

Hush little darling, the world is yours.


Close your eyes little darling

Let your soul flying free

Spread the enchanted wings of yours

And spellbound the world with you beauty

Breath little darling

And smile, and laugh

Soon You’ll bring us back to life.

A/N: finally chapter 1...feel free to drop a coment or two. this was done rushly so there will be lots of errors. insights are very much  


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For you and me

Jan. 24th, 2008 | 11:06 am
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music: Koyashige:Alibi


Title: for you and me

Author: Kazuryoshi

Charater: Shige centric (hint of NishiKato)

Disclaimer: very much…in my own little dream world.

Rating: G


Summary: I am really bad at this…hmm..this is Shige sharing his inner thoughts with you. Yes. You.


            I thought I was an idol, I am popular and everybody in this country would know me but every times I went outside, doing normal things like normal people do, I came into realisation that I am indeed an idol, but I am not as popular as I thought and I found out that people even hardly recognized me.


            Hi, I am, if you care to know, is Kato Shigeaki, a proud member (though I am not sure if other members are proud of me too) of a very popular idol group known as NewS. I am lucky to be chosen despite my lack of singing and dancing ability. Maybe, maybe because (if I may say) I am considerably more good looking than other juniors, maybe, just maybe (I hope nobody will be offended with this).


            I did mention me lacking of dancing and singing skills, well those often made me felt inferior compared to my other group mates and they are amazingly good looking. I felt small and almost invisible though it was obvious that I am the second or third tallest member of the group. My acting skill is no good either. Sometimes, I wonder, what the hell am I doing here? Sometimes, on certain occasions, I thought this group will be better off without me. I should just continue my life as a normal university student.


            We are an idol group, this one boy, a very cute and bubbly boy has an angelic voice and as if it was not enough, he also has an extremely cute face perfected with a very adorable personality (though I often found it annoying), he is fit for the title. Another one is not so good looking, this guy always complaining about his single eyelid though I honestly think it doesn’t look that bad to him, this guy is also not very good at singing but he could dance better than me, he is also well known for his talkativeness which qualified him to be the mc for lots of programs associated with our agency and I think he is also fits the title. Another guy, this one is very, very, very popular, man who don’t know      Y----i? He is like one of the most popular idol of the agency and I have certain respect towards him. He is the group leader anyway, so hands down, he is very very idol like to me. Another guy, as I adore his dancing skill I also amaze by his eating habit, has cute smile and considerably good singing voice and hell yeah, he is an idol (though I doubt about his fashion sense). And then, Above them all, he is the one I respect the most though it is not obvious because it seems like I am afraid of him. He scolds me wherever and whenever he wants like I am an idiot, but I don’t mind it (well, most of the time I dare say) for I took everything he said as some kind of a show of what I believe is ‘tough love’ for he is just too cool to show his care for a person like me. I love…I mean I like him for being him though he has a quick, sharp and poisonous tongue, I was once traumatized by his words but once I got used to it, I started to like it, even crave for it that sometimes, just sometimes, I mean very seldom I intentionally do something stupid, or simply being clumsy in front of him just to get his attention and voila, those words will flow from his mouth like water, unobstructed. He is in fact very popular, maybe as popular as our group leader or maybe he is even more popular than him…who knows. Of course he is an idol, even my neighbour’s 2 years old baby could pronounce his name perfectly and she could only call me ‘geh’ ‘geh’, what am i? gay?! (Damn that kid!). Then, there is me, the un-idol like human being who felt like an outcast and dimmed even on a shiny (and itchy) and..(and ugly…hideous) unique costumes (more like severe wardrobe malfunction, shh…its only between me and you). I just hope I can be better if I could have even not both but one of the desirable skills I’ve mentioned before.


            ‘The smart one’ is what I always known for, but being smart is not a necessity for an idol because for a weird reason, I found out that for some, being ‘intelligently challenged’ is somehow cute. Is that mean I am not cute?. Minus another 5 marks for me.




He always complained about me being a heavy sigher (does that word even exist?) for I always sigh. “sigh, sigh,sigh, you’ll get older than you already look!” he’ll complained. You know who ‘he’ is?...you can guess but I wont tell you the answer though. Few months have passed since the first time I drink something associated with alcohol in my birthday party. Yes, you may not believe it but I am just 20 years of age, and you may even hard to believe this, but I am actually only few months older than T.Y.


I think I had enough with complaining so now I want to talk about one of the member of the group. Why?...because this is my story so I could do whatever I like with it. Hahaha. This guy has a small built but he is amazingly strong and extremely dedicated and hardworking. Having been a respective member of two idol groups certainly is a pain in the ass but he managed though he never success in gaining his weight (for he is too busy). He is very kind and gentle but it were all hidden (suppressed should I say) by his sharp and poisonous tongue. He is a self proclaim Sexy Osaka Man but honestly, (I hope he wouldn’t know this) I think Cute Osaka Man..err Boy suits him well because for me, look wise, he is so cute and childish. Don’t you agree with me?. you’re not?. The hell, I don’t care. We didn’t talk much for it is always awkward to be with him all alone, maybe because we don’t really know each other before, now things are much better between us. I am surprised to find out we have the same taste in music and that we both love the same rock bands. He also praised my ‘happy music’ which made me blushed like crazy (I’m not use of praises, that’s why). And I also love his ‘stereo’ and ‘code’ and though he thought I will be too nervous to do it rightly, I am actually looking forward to have our first song together. I was actually inspired by this one fan who said we sound perfect together. (I hope he’ll know this). he is also the prominent reason behind my new hair style. He is…wait…wait a minute………why am I talking so much about him. oh no, what…what am I doing. I, I , I think I should stop here. 


So see you next time. ^_^;


p.s: please keep this to yourself, don’t you dare ‘sharing’ this with anyone else. This story is only for you and me.


the end.



A/N: the ending was a bit abrupt don’t u think? But I kind of like it that way coz he will see you again.. J

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Jan. 21st, 2008 | 05:17 pm
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music: NewS:with me

Title: Brothers

Author: Kazuryoshi

Genre: Alternate world, humanity, love.

Characters: Yasuda Shota, Kato Shigeaki, Ohkura Tadayoshi, Nishikido Ryo.

Pairing: none…not yet hehehe

Disclaimer: I wont write this if I own them.

Rating: mature readers


Summary: human and the nature..Man! I am so bad at summarizing.




A very long time ago when human and nature lived harmony and peacefully on the face of earth, when the time goes slowly and steady giving way and opportunity for beings to reflect and appreciate the priceless gifts that had been given to them, it was the glorious days when everything seemed beautiful and perfect. But, nothing in this world will stay the same for changes are inevitable. Human started learning and discovering things and the knowledge they have had led them to a new world so called ‘civilization’. They started thinking themselves as the superior beings that have the rights to rule and conquer the world in any way they want and sadly used their intelligence for nothing but menacing, manipulating and destroying the nature as a price for their own greed, never once they stop to think about the damage they were doing not only to the earth but also to themselves. The arrogant human believed that they were the most powerful species on earth and forgot the fact that there are spirits and long lost souls who still reside with nature. They are very powerful in a way that they could wipe thousands, even millions of souls in a split second with the unspeakable power that has remained silent and patient, waiting for human to realize their own mistakes and bring back the old peaceful earth. Yet, human never woke up from their selfish dreams.


The unpleasant wind of change blew softly. No one noticed the grave news it carried with and it was all too late when the nature finally awakes and howled melancholically, burnt everything with its raging fire and with a drip of tear it drown great civilization and washed traces of sins from the surface of the world. It burnt and killed yet, nature was not as cruel as human being, nature was not as greedy as human being, nature had given the survivors a second chance, to correct their mistakes and start it all over again.


The spirits were once again back to sleep.


But human are stupid, they will never learn.


Thousand years had passed; the story of the great destruction was long forgotten. People lives their life day to day, lucky or unlucky, they have to carry on with the life they were born into, the riches stay rich, the poor stay poor but greed and lust remain as humans’ best friends.






Not everyone.


And the spirits wait, silently, patiently.




There is one place on earth where nobody wants to live in yet it was amazing to see that the population growth rapidly and it was even shocking to see how it decreased just as fast as it grew. The place, the city, is always dark even under a bright sunlight for the lives within the place were merely walking shadows. They were dead souls walking in a living bodies and waiting for the day when they will say their eternal goodbyes. It was the worst place to live in but Destiny, as cruel as she is had brought two innocent souls into the city.


They were orphans, alone and hopeless.


He was twelve when he found a boy lying on the edge of the river bank. The boy’s hair was messy but nicely cut and body wrapped with fine clothes, the one that only the riches could afford but it was all torn up, revealing his pale skin and badly wounded body. The boy is awake but his eyes were hollow, he knew the look for it reminded him of himself the first time he stepped his feet on this forlorn land. He knew the look so well he didn’t have to guess that the boy had already lost his willing to live.


Something in him told him to save the boy. Something deep down his heart told him he needed to save the boy and that something was his memory of his past that brought back an image of a man with a brilliant smile. A good man who had given him the light just in time before he completely gave up his precious life.


He was rescued by a good man who found him and took him to his house and taking care of him as his own son. A good man who was a carpenter that’s life inspired by the majestic beauty of the nature. He love and appreciate nature more than his own life. He was a good man who he called father and a good man he was before his life was cruelly taken by a ruthless drunken man.

That kind and sweet loving man was gone years ago but he is still very much alive in his memory.


“I was rescued. Now, it’s my time to rescue”


He took the boy’s hand, supported him to stand and brought him back to his hut and it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that based on the noble honesty and strengthened by thousands pillars of trust, affection and love.


Destiny, in her mysterious way had the two very young children hold their hands for the first time as brothers and the world does not seemed so dark anymore. They were still young children of twelve and eight when one night they decided to cut their little fingers. Witnessed by the pale moon, they had written an oath with their own precious blood. A promised that no matter what will happen in the future, they will stay together, forever, for eternity.


…Even death won’t do them apart.


They were children who saw the world at the very same angle but different in perspectives. Life in a slum should be painful and suffocating but the children had found their own ways to happiness. Only children that have the purest of heart could work such powerful magic. But the world is no wonderland; they will have to give up their small body to grow which also means giving up their magical sense.


They don’t understand why but the world seems darker.


The older boy has a weak body, fine bone with feminine feature. By the age of 15, he stopped developing and stuck to that age as if the time was stopped for him. His skin is of very pale complexion yet his smile is brighter than the sun and is warmer. He is the gentle one, innocent, childish at times and loving. He is a strong boy for he never cried in front of his younger brother but the four walls of used boxes and thousand holes of decaying wooden roof, their only shelter, had witnessed his litres of tears streaming down his face each time he was all alone and hopeless. He hated himself for not being able to do anything; he hated himself for having to count his life solely on the shoulder of his brother. He wanted to do something, even the smallest thing so he could lessen the weight of responsibilities his brother had to carry with but never once his body allowed him to.


 The other boy was of a better luck for despite their hard life, he grew healthier and stronger and by the age of 14 he walked beside his brother and had the older boy to look up whenever he wanted to say something to his younger brother. Has a pair of round and questioning eyes that reflects not only his wits but also his generosity and kindness .He remembered the time when he had given up his life and ready to embrace the darkness in death, his brother came and grab him just in time before he completely sealed by it. Since that day, he decided to stay alive, if not for himself, he’ll do it for his brother’s sake. He didn’t mind all the tough jobs for having his brother around is all that matter. He knew his brother is weak and incapable of doing heavy works so he will work for him. He did not mind it. All he wants is to see his brother happy, healthier and stronger. Every day was a struggle but when he came home with money or foods on his hands and seeing his brother waiting for him with a smile on his face, he felt accomplished.


The brothers miraculously survived in a seemingly hopeless place, they were the nobles of the seemingly hopeless place and they are the living proof to show that human, no matter how terrible their life are, still capable of loving and to be loved.


On the other side of the slum, a brighter world where the riches celebrate their wealth days and nights, two brothers sat silently watching their father and mother standing proudly on the carefully decorated stage. Their father, the president, is a man of honour who walks and talks in an impeccable manner. A man who is charming, a gentleman, a handsome face perfected with a pair of shiny hazel eyes and who’s voice is strong and certain had won the heart of the people and not forgotten girls and women but as honourable and loyal he is, he had given his heart to his wife, the one and only person he could afford to love.


The older son is obviously smaller than his younger brother who stands taller.  He was full of envy for the little brother’s height and also the attention that his little brother has. He was full of rage whenever the others compared the two of them and referred him as the shorter Kitagawa. He hates it but above all, no one in this world could deny his love towards his only brother. His brother is taller and more popular than him but he is still his little brother who runs into his room at night whenever he had nightmares, who slept soundly on his lap while he reads him his favourite bedtime story and an adorable brother who has a killer puppy eyes look that he uses to make him leaves his books to play with him.


Their father is the most influential and respected person in the country but for the younger brother, his brother is the person he respects the most. He prays that one day he will be just like his brother. He hates the fact that he grew so fast that he already towered him. He realized that they are not young kids anymore yet he is still clingy to his big brother, he still wants his brother to hug him and treats him affectionately like he always does. He wished for the time to stop so they will stay like that forever but no matter how hard he prays, the time won’t stop for a man until the day he died.


They are the lucky brothers that live surrounded by wealth, power and loving family.


Two brothers hail from the dirty slum and the two brothers of the shiny palace.


And Destiny’s smile widened for she had found a new game to play.




A/N  let’s play a guessing game..who’s who?

who are the brothers?

who are the younger/older brothers?


answers on chapter 1.. ;p


feel free to drop a comment or two…or more.  J




i am so bad summarizing and my questioning skill is also as bad. hmm.. if you can guess..who are the poor brothers? who are the rich brothers?

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this is how my fangirl mind works

Jan. 21st, 2008 | 04:01 pm
location: sumwhere
mood: hungryhungry
music: news -with me-

nishikato is eating my brain (and i need some healthy doze of sweet and fluffy ohyass to cure me)..

just rewatched weeeek pv and noticed some nishikato moments.well..it was more like ryo against tego n pi whom harrased shige's giant photo on the wall..yeah! the internet connection failed me and i am upset that i cant post the caps. well if you want to see it, watch the pv and see who's watching when tego 'touch' shige's picture and who is watching (somehow approaching) when pi's turn touching the said pic?.. and and..yes of course there are some nishikato moments like ryo is checking on shige while he's singing his part (i'm sure u guys must have noticed that) and and and gah! there are quite a lot nishikato moments and gosh, i have strained eyes after rewinding and forwarding the video just to find even the slightest 'moments' of those two. and i am sorry for my friend who's sleep was haunted by my supressed giggles (it sounds creepy, trust me). i cant help it, they amused me so much.

since i am a fangirl, i squeled once i listened to NewS -With Me- because Nishikato sang the second verse of the song!! yay!

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i thought i thought i love you, i did, i did love you

Nov. 17th, 2007 | 12:36 pm
location: shige's room
mood: thirstythirsty
music: NewS:party time

Title: I thought, I thought I love you. I did, I did love you.
Author: Kazuryoshi
Characters: Yasuda Shota, Ohkura Tadayoshi
Genre: idek
Rating: safe, even my sister could read this. But it’s definitely not for my mom.
Summary: it took a weird room, weird masks, a bowl of ‘special’ ramen and a mirror before Shota realized his true feeling towards Ohkura.

The last things he remembers happened before he fell unconscious were Ohkura, music, black tea and strawberry cake but he couldn’t find any logic to explain how in the world he got here.

…Here, inside a mysterious strange looking room.

Shota studies the room for a good one minute, the room has no lamp, no candle, no window or door or any medium or instrument or tool or all sort of things that could produce light yet the small room is mysteriously bright. The room, through his observation, is as small as four Shotas lie on the floor and form a perfect square, and though he can’t understand why the room slowly turns darker, he still very sure that the colour of the four walls plus the ceiling and the floor is green.

He screams for help for he thinks that he is kidnapped. And he is screaming from the top of his lung but strangely, while he is screaming “help!!!” the sound he hears coming out from his mouth is “Ohkura!!!”. He repeats the shouts, over and over again, the same ‘help’ is uttered and the same ‘ohkura’ echoing in the seemingly smaller room. Things are started to get interesting for him and he is always getting exited for obviously weird and sometimes inappropriate reasons. Shota thought out loud and say something like “what will I hear if I say ‘Ohkura!!!’? so..

“Ohkura!!!” and he hears “Ghost!!!”

So he decided to stop.

He wonders how he got inside when there’s not even a single window or door in the small room, he is actually amazed on how he is still breathing alive in a very close and narrow space like that. And where did the wind came from? So he thinks maybe there is a secret passage or something, if not how the kidnapper brought him in?

Being kidnapped plus secret passage are nothing but a mere hypothesis which will soon be proven wrong.

He gets up and walks towards the right side of the room, that’s when he realizes something is really wrong with the room, the room suppose to be very small but why he haven’t reach the wall though he have started walking approximately 10 seconds ago? He looks back, looks to his right, left, up and down, the room still the same small green room, it feels like the room is moving along as he walks and it really freaks him out. He started running and he is running so fast but after several times the pace becomes slower and slower until finally he stops. He looks down, trying to catch a breath then he looks to his back, up, down, left, right and front and suddenly the room is growing rapidly and becomes too big. Next he finds out that there are so many masks hanging on the wall. Not the kind of Ultraman or Godzilla masks but the masks are more like different expressions of human being and when the light creates shadow that shades the ‘faces’ there is nothing cute about that.

This is too much for him, too sudden, too scary and now all he wants is to be back with Ohkura and enjoy a good music while having their evening tea and strawberry cake.

“what’s happening to me?”
“why am I here?”

Fears creeping through his vessels and nerves and causes him to bend down. Shota is now on his knees; head on his lap and he started sobbing in fears and confusions.

However, a weird grouching sound stops him from crying. A hot air blows through his hair and the smell is a weird combination of blood, lavender, tea and petrol. He looks up and is too scared to scream when he finds out that the unpleasant air is the breath of one of the mask that is floating right above his head. It is a mask of an old smiling man. The room is shrinking while the rest of the masks are still hanging on the wall but they are all smirking and laughing and they are all around him, trapping the poor little Shota right in the middle. His current situation could be as terrifying as being a little lamb that is surrounded by a group of wolves.

The masks suddenly fly towards Shota, all in once. But Shota is quicker, he managed to get up and run as fast as he could while at the same time looking for a shelter or place to hide but the room is surprisingly empty and large, like there’s no end to it. One of the masks, a laughing broker man, managed to bite his right arm with its sharp teeth but he is too scared to feel the pain. He keeps running until finally something slippery on the floor causes him to fall flat on the floor, head first because his hand was suddenly tied by a red string.

And as the way it appeared, the string is mysteriously disappeared.

He is very sure that his head is bleeding from the hard bump but there in no sign of blood. He touches his forehead to find out that he is holding something like a string with a soft and cold texture and it smells familiar to him. The string becomes longer. He could feel the coldness of the thing as it ‘flow’ on his skin down from his forehead. Shota is in fact bleeding but it turns out that his blood is in a form of noodle.

His stomach really knows the right time to send a signal to his brain and produce a ‘guruguru’ sound as a warning for Shota to remind him the necessity of refuelling his empty stomach. And it is an urgent matter. Shota curls himself up to suppress his hunger while his forehead still ‘noodling’ heavily. Suddenly, he smells something that is familiar to his nose, a very delicious and mouthwatering smells. He looks on the floor and watches in disbelief as a bowl of Ramen soup emerges slowly in front of him.

Ramen!!! Now all he need is a delicious noodle which reminds him of his own noodle. He collects the noodle that scattered on the floor and waits for the other as it grows longer and cuts the noodle at a desirable length with his hand. He started slurping the delicious Ramen, chewing it impatiently and fails to notice a warm liquid flows from the corner of his lips.

The liquid is crimson red.

Shota is grateful that despite all the grotesque things that had happened to him, he got the chance to eat the most delicious Ramen ever. He is about to sip the last drip of the soup when a giant muscular hand appears and grabs him by his waist and lifts him up that causes him to loose his grip of the bowl. It falls and brakes into thousand pieces of chopped bleeding meat before it hits the floor, but Shota didn’t see that.

He is now exactly three meters above the floor. The hand rolls him and makes him dizzy and when his stomach gave up, he vomits the special Ramen he just ate. After that, the hand throws him to one particular direction which through his position, the direction he’s heading is most likely the wall. A second before he hit the wall, a large baseball bat appears, hits him right on his stomach and sends him flying high to the ceiling where another large hand is waiting and catches him then throws him back to the floor. He falls in an incredibly high speed, at this rate he knows that he’ll surely die soon after he hits the floor.

“bye bye Ohkura” he said faintly.

But no, there is no more green floor. He is now in a very dark space, and he is floating. The place is so dark but he still can see himself clearly. He is not very sure about this but he thinks his body is glowing as if the light came out from his own body.

“where am i?”
“maybe I am already dead”

Shota closes his eyes and tries to imagine all the good and happy things, so he won’t feel too lonely for he knows he is all alone now.

“Ohkura…save me”

Then, the world turns bright. Shota opens his eyes hoping that he is back but disappointed when he finds out that he is now in a similar small four Shotas room again but this room has mirrors as its wall while its floor is blue and the ceiling is green, the same green as the small room.

The room is slightly brighter.


He jumps as he saw his best friend standing few meters in front of him. He runs toward Ohkura, arms spread for he is desperately wants to be safe and sound in the arm of his best friend. Their smiles widen.

They run towards each other and getting closer, and closer and closer and…


Shota hits the mirror really hard for he was running so fast, luckily he did not break it. He quickly gets up and out of anger and frustration; Shota brutally knocks the mirror that stands tall and become an invincible wall between him and his best friend.

“Ohkura!!, Ohkura!!, Ohkura!!” he shouts while tears scalding his face.

Strange…it seems like Ohkura on the other side saying something like “Ohkura!!” too, and when Shota waves his right hand, Ohkura waves his left hand, when Shota makes a Macaula Culkin’s trademark face, Ohkura did it too, and that were done in a perfect synch, as if Ohkura is his reflection.



Shota anxiously checks his hands. His finger is strangely longer and his nails are not painted anymore and his skin is a bit fairer than it was and his bang…his hair is…black?!!

“I am…Oh God! I am Ohkura?!!”

He looks back to his reflection in terror. He can’t be Ohkura, no he can’t be, or maybe..

maybe he is actually Ohkura and all this while he thought he was Shota.

Now, he is in doubt. Who he really is?

Its flashing back time...he traces back his long line of history and memories, he saw Ohkura, lots of Ohkura, but in a person’s memory, he supposedly remembers what he see or hear and will not see himself unless the memory involves him looking at his own reflection on the mirror or water surface or anything that could reflect his image. As Ohkura, how come he saw so many Ohkura in his memory? Not Yasuda Shota? So, he concludes, he really is Yasuda Shota that somehow trapped in Ohkura’s body yet he is not completely right.

Looking back to his past made him realize how significant Ohkura is in his life. He never thought about it until now and it scares him on how in a time like this, the person he wants to meet the most is Ohkura, not his friends and not even his family. And it terrified him even more when he, of all people he knows, changed into Ohkura?

“Did I…in love with…”


“nah…it cant be”

Then Shota’s heart explodes, literally, but from the mirror, he saw it was Ohkura’s heart that was just exploded. Thousand pieces of broken heart scattered around the floor and the sight make him shudders. Yasuda Shota, 23, just lost his heart.

He shifts his looks and stares straight at the mirror to see that he is crying when he did not want to, and it feels awkward to see him crying with Ohkura’s face, it’s like it is Ohkura who is crying. And he wonders why seeing ‘Ohkura’s’ crying face is too painful to watch?

“don’t cry Ohkura” he said to no one but himself.

“maybe, maybe, maybe…”

“I did love you” he said while looking straight to his reflection.

And the world turns purple, yellow, orange, red, black, blue and…

“Yasu, Yasu..hey wake up”


He quickly opens his eyes upon hearing the voice that is calling his name.

“Ohkura!! Is this really you?” he said with both hands cupping the latter’s cheeks.

“yes, its me silly” he smiles.

“Oh! Ohkura!! I swear…I really love you!”

“what the heck!?”

“I really love you…Oh god!” Shota grabs Ohkura’s neck and draws him closer before he gives him a hug. This time there will be no more giant wall of mirror that will stop him from hugging Ohkura.

“Ohkura…you feel warm” Shota closes his eyes while resting his chin on Ohkura’s shoulder and gently rubs his cheeks against Ohkura’s. Then he starts crying.

“hey…I don’t have even the slightest idea of what had happened to you but I promise you that everything is okay now”. It is evidence that Ohkura himself is puzzled by Shota’s weird behaviour.
“are you okay?” he asks, concern flavoured his tone.

“I think I am okay now”

“okay, now be a darling, go and wash your face, we need to continue with our practice” Ohkura said with oh-so-sweet voice that made Shota’s cheeks warm.

“okay” he obeyed and walks towards the rest room.

“Yasu…” Ohkura calls so he stops and turns to look back at him.


“nothing…uh..forget about it”

“okay” he walks in but the image of Ohkura smiling and blushing and couldn’t finish his words all at the same time before he closes the door adds another beautiful memories that will be stored and cherished for the rest of his life.

A/N: What is this?... I think I need some sleep…zzZZZZzzzz

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Shige vs caterpillar

Nov. 17th, 2007 | 08:55 am
location: shige's room
mood: grumpygrumpy
music: Shige tego: over

93- 5 times Shige won over the caterpillar (with the help of NewS) + one time he miserably defeated.
Character: Shige with frequent appearance of Ryo and of course the adorable member of NewS.
Genre: light comedy (at least that was what I intended to)
Rating: G very very safe
Summary: it is a battle of wits when it’s come to dealing with caterpillar.
A/N: I wrote this for Shigethon, my first try but I changed the title a lil bit. Enjoy 

Shige vs Caterpillar #1

Shige is in a hurry. In a real hurry for he is chasing the next train which is scheduled to arrive in 10 minutes. Shige is in a real hurry for he has to catch the train or else he will miss his class, a very important one. The distance from jimusho to the station is approximately 1.5 km. If Shige is to run in a steady pace, he will most probably be able to catch the train 4 minutes ahead of time or so he counts in his mind.

Shige is so in a hurry that he couldn’t hear somebody is calling him.

That somebody happened to be the self proclaimed sexy Osaka man. A man who’s name is synonym with poisonous words that had killed the spirits of some unlucky men.

Ryo is annoyed for Shige is completely ignored him. For others, being ignored was just a small or insignificant thing to be taken seriously but not for a man named Nishikido Ryo. Being ignored is just as bad as tearing his pride. So he ran to chase after his Kansai originated bandmate, just to give him a lecture or two on how to behave properly especially to a person as handsome as he is.

Shige is in a hurry that he is running faster than his usual and that had forced Ryo to run faster which successfully made him even more annoyed. Shige, still maintain his position ahead of Ryo is about to cross the street but suddenly he stopped. It was a melodramatic stop.

Ryo who is still running after him also have to stop and he was only 5 metres behind Shige yet Shige still did not notice his presence. Shige is too focusing on the surface of the road, to where the thing is crawling.

Ryo moves closer and from his angle he could see that the younger is terrified.

His curiosity pushed him few steps forwards and narrowed the gap between his body and Shige’s. Ryo is now too close that Shige could feel his breath brushing over the skin of his neck. But, the terrified Shige did not even bother to check who is standing behind him.

Because Ryo is too close, he also could see the ‘thing’ that made Shige stopped from his rampant almost destructive speed.

That ‘thing’ that stopped Shige from his running is crawling lazily as if no one will dare to step on its tiny little green body.

With a mischievous smile on his face, Ryo bent down, pick the ‘thing’ up with his bare hand and shove it on shige’s slightly pale cheek. Then with his evil smirk, he throws the green thing high up in the air before a yellow bird came as fast as thunder and catches the ‘thing’ before it hit the ground.

Shige is not breathing. He couldn’t get over with the eerie sensation as his cheek made contact with the green thing. He is completely terrified.

“come, let me give you a ride” without waiting for Shige’s answer, Ryo took his hand and drag him to his car.

Shige vs Caterpillar #2

Shige is in a hurry again because he is already late for the group’s meeting. Driven by fear, his adrenaline reciprocated with his veins and muscles helps Shige to run even faster though in his usual relax day, he won’t last the long sprint even for a minute.

This is the second day of the week when the ‘thing’ made him stopped again. The stop is as dramatic as the previous or maybe even more dramatic because this time he slipped and fall to the ground, bottom first and to see an idol falling like that was not a pleasant sight to see.

It was beyond everything that is considered as logic in Shige’s wonderful mind when he found out that the ‘thing’ is now crawling on his left hand. That thing is crawling in an unbelievably calm and steady pace.

It’s a wonder how a tiny thing like that could scare the life off an idol like him. Shige is cold and stiff, like a rock and his pale white skin made him look like a beautiful statue.

“what’s wrong?” asked the voice from behind.

No answer from Shige for he is now a beautiful statue, and statue don’t talk.

Ryo saw the ‘thing’ on Shige’s left hand, and the sight came with a realization complete with a reference from two days before incident.

“not again?” he said calmly and bent down, right hand on Shige’s shoulder, left hand is picking up the ‘thing’ and as before, Ryo, despite his sympathy towards the terrified Shige, still want to scare the poor dancer with a sexy killer ‘kuchizuke wo’ pose by scrubbing the soft thing on his nose before throws it right in the middle of the road. The thing is happy to crawl back before a 4 years old boy sing-songly squashed the little green thing with one of his tricycle tyre. The boy wasn’t cruel; it just that the ‘thing’ is too small and insignificant to be noticed the same way Shige did.

“Let’s go, we are so damn late” said Ryo while helping the statuette back on his feet and turn him into a breathing sexy human being again.

Shige vs caterpillar #3

Shige thought he is gaining some weight and he is not happy about it.

He went out early in the morning for a one hour jogging at the neighbouring park.

It was such a beautiful day before that ‘thing’ appeared before him.

For Shige, that thing is the grossest thing ever.

This time he did not stop, he runs forward before made a perfect curve on that particular spot before running three times faster then Kamenashi Kazuya.

“hahaha, you may be the grossest thing ever but I ran faster than you” he said arrogantly.

Ryo shook his head from afar.

Shige vs caterpillar #4

Ryo sits silently while reading the potato magazine and could not help it but to adore his own handsomeness while looking at the cover.
Shige on the other corner opposing him is wearing his geeky glass while concentrating on the words and some pictures on the book he read. Ryo hates it but he has to admit that Shige looks hot with that glass, hotter than him but there’s no way he will let anyone know about that.

Ryo notices that Shige is drawing something on the book but could not figure out what he is writing or drawing. He is curious to know what Shige is doing with his book and that curiosity is increased to the point that he is more curious than a curious cat that finally killed when Shige suddenly grins, a pure cute and strangely seducing grin. Shige is having a good time and Ryo can’t stand to not knowing what Shige is happy about.

Luck is on his side when Shige’s phone rang and the caller whoever he was made him stormed out of the room leaving his book and pen for Ryo to take a peep.

A large picture of caterpillar decorated with ugly doodles is what he found.

At the bottom of the page, shige wrote ‘Kill, kill, die die you stupid caterpillar!!’

Shige vs Caterpillar #5


Massu with his adorable huge grin enter the practice room while saying his greetings to the rest of NewS. That includes Ryo who was sending an evil aura throughout the cream painted room. Once in a while he will shift his looks to the adorable Shige and each time his eyes sparked and it was not in a good way. Ryo is obviously up to something.

The cheerful lad who just arrived is heading towards Shige to show him his new T-shirt. Shige is usually nice so Massu thought Shige will praise his good sense of fashion and gives his new T-Shirt a sea of compliments.

“Shige! Look at my new T-Shirt! I bought it yesterday. Cool huh!”

Shige gave a simple look to Massu’s new T-shirt but decided to give a second look before blurting out his comment.

It is single word comment followed by a simple 'request' but more than enough to tear Massu’s fragile heart apart.

“Gross!, go away!” that was what Shige said.

Shige immediately got up and left the room feeling disgusted of what he just saw.

Massu was stunned by the harsh comment, he was hurt really bad. To sooth his pain, he place his hand on his chest where a giant picture of smiling caterpillar with a bubble “have a nice day” is printed.

“Shige is mean” he said with a very…extremely…ultimately cute pout.

Shige vs caterpillar/s. #6

Being informally and indirectly trained by Ryo with the addition of his brilliant brain, Shige shows a remarkable progress in his acid tongue skill. Today he shot his poisonous words to one of his band mate which happens to be the single eye lid and considerably good looking Koyama Keichiro. Poor Kei, he has to suffer such traumatic experience with his younger friend while Ryo’s watching silently from the corner of the dressing room with the obvious smirk on his face.

Koyama is grieving over the lost of member ai spirit in Shige.

Shige is mean.

Tegoshi came to the rescue and comforted the broken hearted Koyama. He glared at Shige before announced that on the next magic trick, he will make a full use of Shige and if Shige thought the last magic trick is bad, the upcoming one will be worse than his worst nightmare. Determination is written all over his face and for Shige, that look was a sign, a sign of his miserable and sorrowful future.

That glare plus the promise of doom really scared him to death.

Tegoshi and koyama left the room and without none of them noticed it, Ryo secretly followed them from behind, his eyes are darker, his smirk is even creepier.

The promised day has come.

Tegoshi asked Shige to cramp himself in a small box. Shige have all the rights to refuse it but the evil aura he sensed coming out from Tegoshi, Koyama and strangely Masuda and Pi with the exception of pure-no-ill-intention aura from Ryo forced him to be a complete fool and torture himself inside that small box.

Suddenly, he felt something freaking soft and small that moves really slow crawls on his hand. The number is increased rapidly for he could feel it on his neck, cheeks and feet. The things are all over his body.

Its coming, the panic attack is coming and it was beyond his control.

“what’s this?!!!!!!!”
“hey let me go!!!!”

And they let him go.

He slowly opened his eyes and regretted it for the first thing he saw was a big fat caterpillar crawling care freely on his nose.

He found more of the caterpillars crawling all over his body. The sight turns his mind blank.

Taken the sight as a symbol of victory, the rest of NewS laugh whole heartedly while Tegoshi and Koyama vigorously took the victim’s pictures with their respective mobile phone cameras.

Shige remains silent.

The rest is still waiting for his respond and prepare to tease the already suffered law student.

Yet he remains silent.

3 minutes have passed.

“Shige?” that was coming from Ryo.


“Shige?” This time it was Yamapi.



Five voices panickly scream in a perfect unison. One of the screams far louder than the rest and that one particular voice belongs to the one who have suggested the magic trick to Tegoshi.

The caterpillars happily crawl all over the mosaic floor.

That’s all. Comments are most welcome and will make Shige brave enough to touch a caterpillar.

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30th september

Sep. 30th, 2007 | 10:03 pm
location: room e2e
mood: happyhappy
music: jyukai-anata ga ita mori

welcome 30th september. 23 years ago, early in the morning when the sun is about to rise, it was the day when i took my first breath in this beautiful world.

thank you mom, thank you dad.. thank you for everything that you have done for me. without you..i wont survive the harsh realites of the world. you have sacrificed so many things for my sake and there's nothing in this world could repay it.

mom, dad...i never say this to you but i hope you know that i, your girl, love you so much.

ok..nuff with this sentimental speech..muahaha

owh! me and sho chan were born in september, we are both the A gatan..what a coincidence. another coincidence with our birth date is..

something terrible, or tragic happened.

sepetember 11..of course, everybody know what had happened, it was the day that had changed the world, i was the day when thousand of people lost their love ones. it was yappari a tragic day.

september 30...what had happened on this date? remember James Dean? 30th september was the day he involved in a car accident which have cost him his life. millions of his fans from all over the world cried over his death. it was yappari a tragic day.

well...it was just a weird coincidence.

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Sep. 30th, 2007 | 12:45 pm
location: roome2e
mood: cynicalcynical
music: NewS-hadashi no cinderella boy

Title: dark
Author: Kazuryoshi
Characters: Ohkura, Yasuda, special appearance (peter pan)
Genre: fluffy?
Rating: G

Summary: I am trying to write cute fic about OhYass, I don’t know if it will work out the way I want.

Few hours ago, it was just a normal and peaceful night for Yasuda Shota. As usual he spent hours of his night life practicing with his guitar, it is an old guitar given by a special friend on his 16th birthday. With an odd combination of his short fingers and an exceptionally brilliant guitar skill, Yasuda Shota had his old guitar assisted him all the way, created hundreds of wonderful songs but most were kept, secretly, away from the others because believe it or not, despite his well known gregarious personality, Yasuda is actually and seriously a very shy person.

So, there he was, on his bed, drawn in his own little world of music and lyrics, creating new sounds and melodies with his old guitar. He almost completely shut himself from the world of reality into his colourful world when suddenly a flash of white light followed by a roaring sound of thunder shocked him and brought his soul back to his room.

Yasuda is always scared of thunder.

To summarize a person named Yasuda Shota, it can be concluded that he is a very cheerful, cute, talented and a humble person with a heart of gold but tonight, there is nothing more appropriate than to use one of the most used literary device in the history of literature that is ‘simile’ to describe him, ‘Yasuda Shota screams like a girl!’, he did! And that was solid evidence that explained why Kanjani8 named him as the girliest member of the group.

Tonight, Yasuda who always wanted to be called as Sho chan has a horror tale in store for him. Tonight, the lightning thunder will not be the only thing that will force the girl in him to scream out from his small but masculine body, but it also…

A click sound followed by a total darkness that made him screamed even louder and girlier. It was by nature when he covers his body with his favourite blanket and treats the soft cotton as if it will provide him the greatest protection against anything that is considered harmful in human and some animals’ dictionaries. His both hands were glued to his ears, a poor childish attempt to avoid his ear drums from receiving the raging sound wave from the great thunder roars. His eyes were tightly shut in case if something terrifying appears before him, he won’t see it and hopefully the dreadful thing he feared will not see him too. Yasuda could be as egocentric as 6 years old kid, but its okay, because he is so damn cute to be a 23 years old adult.

He was calming himself when suddenly the rain starts falling down and creating a loud rhythmic beats as it hits the tin roof of Yasuda’s house. The noise reminds him of Ohkura, the most silent member of Kanjani8 but the noisiest when he is practicing with his drums. In a time like this, he will be thankful if Ohkura is here by his side because Ohkura is nice; he will protect him from the scary thunder and provide the comforting light from the lighter he carries everywhere (ohkura is a heavy smoker so it‘s normal for him to carry it anywhere he goes).

The thought of his best friend comforts him a little but it was brief, briefer then Shakespeare’s ‘life’s brief candle’ when suddenly he heard footsteps coming towards him. it scares him for he knew he is living alone and the footsteps may, positively, belong to a stranger with the worst intention. He might be a serial murderer or a cruel robber. Yasuda’s wild thoughts did nothing to his already shaken body but to make it shivers even more.


The darkness completely sealed the stranger’s figure from his sight, however, driven by his fear, his ears successfully excelled its usual ability in detecting sound waves. In spite of the noisy rain, he managed to hear the cracking sound as somebody opens his door. He could hear footsteps coming towards him, it was carefully paced.

The approaching stranger knowingly walks towards Yasuda Shota.

Yasuda hold his breath when from underneath his blanket, he could feel somebody’s hand touching his chest and that hand slowly move upwards to his head. Later, he could feel an undeniably strong force pulling his blanket from his grip uncovering his slightly dumped cheek. Poor yasuda, he was so scared.

The voice of reason belong to ‘The man’ in Yasuda told him to fight, so he decided that no matter what, he will fight and protect himself. He was counting the right time to attack the stranger when suddenly the hands that belong to the unidentified guest cuffed his slightly chubby cheek.

“here you are, poor little Yasu”

His voice sounds strangely familiar to Yasuda’s ears.


The stranger is fishing his pockets for his lighter.

“ah, light!” exclaimed Yasuda.

“yes, its me” Ohkura said with a smiley face.

“how did you get in?”

“you gave me the key, remember?” he lightly knocks the older man’s forehead.
“did I scare you?”


“but why are you crying?”

“no I’m not!” denied Yasuda while wiping the obvious tracks of tears left on his cheeks.


“un…it’s ok”

“so what should we do know?

“hmm….let sing”

“of all the thing we could do tonight, you want to sing?” replied the taller man.

Before his reply made him sounds like he has something perverts going on in his head, it should be explained here that Ohkura was actually aiming for Yasuda’s new dvd game.

“yeah, sing”

“ok…what song?”

“hmm..this time let’s sing Hina chan’s solo”

“as you wish”

The both of them sing Hina’s solo in a complete disastrous way, rampantly colliding all the tones and tunes and made it unrecognisable. ‘Forward’ was originally a very entertaining and an okay song but these two morons totally destroyed the good image of it. The two members of Kanjimi purposely sing it loudly as to compete with the noise made by the rain. It was hoped that they still remember, the day after they will have to perform LIVE on Music Station.

quack! quack! quack!!!!

“is that your phone yasu?”

“nope, it’s yours. Its your fault that both of us have the same ringtone”

“because it sounds funny, it suits you”

“yeah right…hey are you going to answer it or not?”


-Kimi kun- was displayed on the screen.

“MOSHI MOSHI!” said the voice from the other end, loudly. Why is this one particular Peter Pan always loud?

“Hait!...whuzzup?” Ohkura answered in a very excited voice too. (high spirit is highly contagious)

“ne, tell me how to download games from the internet” Yuu chin requested in a cute but slightly annoying pleading voice.

“owh..its like this…and…that…got that?”

“yeah! Thanks!”

“KIMI KUN!!!!”

“is that yasu?”

“yeah!!” *high pitch*

“what are you guys doing, you sound excited?”

“nothing” replied Ohkura in an unnatural high pitch voice too.

“okay” it was uttered in a very suspicious tone.





“I’m hungry!”

“hmm..lets go to the kitchen”

“but its still dark, there might be a gh..gho..ghost”

“silly, just follow me” he grabbed Yasu’s hand and pull him nearer to his body. His other hand grabbing his lighter and soon they are on their way to the kitchen.


“what now?”


“why are you giggling like an idiot?”

“nothing” still giggling.




“…mecha suki da yo!”


Click!…the light’s on.


comments are most welcome :)

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sho chan!! otanjoubi omedetou!!

Sep. 10th, 2007 | 08:42 pm
location: OhYass kingdom
music: name of love by OhYass

few more hours to sho chan's big day! you'll be 23 years old, 19 days later i'll be 23 years old too..lets celebrate our birthdays together ne!! sho chan is love, sho chan is like a sun, you shines and brighten up the people around you and also those who are thousand miles away from you..your smile..though it just in inanimate pictures is more than enough to make my day! sho chan no koto ga daisuki!! mecha sukiyade! hehehe happy birthday!

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i wish i could write better

Aug. 27th, 2007 | 10:41 pm
location: hostel
mood: depresseddepressed

i have written lots of fics and up till now i haven't satisfied with any of it..man, i wish i have the talent to play with words. i wish!

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