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for you and me (leader...henshin...KAME?)

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May. 2nd, 2008 | 05:13 pm
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For You and Me (leader…Henshin…Kame?)
Author: kazuryoshi
Characters: Nishikato, yamapi

Summary: henshin!!! The leader, as promised, is reporting for you.



This is the leader again.

R is running while cursing (I guess)

He looks kind of angry. Eh? Wait! Did he just hit his own belly? Or… no, I think he just hit the lower part. Much lower I think…


OMG!!! Did he just?!

He must’ve missed it. Poor R-chan. That must be very painful. I know. I understand.

Oh well, he’s fine now.

Oh! No! he’s coming this way. Hide! HIDE! Hide leader hide!

But where should I hide? Help me~ (I can’t scream for help, please understand)


A table! Yay me!

Leader HENSHIN!!! Du du du. super *KAME!!!

Super KAME is hiding under the table. R will not going to notice me.


Doki doki

Phew… see he didn’t notice me right? I am good. I should do this more often.


Okay, I think its safe now. I should go.

R now is…where is he?

OMG again!!!

I lost him..

* KAME means turtle.

# here’s one mystery.
How did Y be in the Hallway earlier than R when it was R who came out first?

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