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for you and me (not a stalker)

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May. 2nd, 2008 | 03:33 pm
location: dungeon
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music: the sound of wind

For you and me (not a stalker)
Author: Kazuryoshi

Characters: Nishikato, Yamapi


This is crazy!


Oi! *Karada-san, why are you moving? Why are you running? Why are you chasing after him?


This is insane!  I need to be the one in control again. Not this Karada-san. Oi! Karada-san!! Stop!! Or I will hurt you!


Karada-san…Stop!!! Or I will, I will…I will…OUCH!!


Damn it! This is your fault S kun. You’ll pay for this. I’ll make you.


Oh! Hey there! It’s you again huh.


Ouch! It’s really hurt.


 I have to complain about this. It’s about S. This boy, S, is so stubborn. Oh, trust me; you don’t have any idea how stubborn he is.

I had once told him to stop wearing that ugly green shirt he bought at this cheap shop but guess what? He wore the same shirt for a week. Can you imagine? For a week!!! And it was summer! Ugh! Imagine the sweat, the smell…but he strangely smelt good though.


No! I didn’t say that! I didn’t say he smells good. No!


Now I have to find him. Why? Well, he just walked away from me. I gave him my best plus charming plus handsome plus cute plus sexy smile but in turn he gave me that awkward and obviously fake smile and then…and then..he just walked away.






I am hurt.


Can’t you see? Oh! heart. My poor heart.


I better hurry up. I think I know where he is. He always goes there. He always does.


Oi! Wait…I am not a stalker okay!! I just happen to know.


Hmm. The hallway seems darker today. Eh wait! Isn’t that Y just now? What he’s doing under that tiny table? Nah! Maybe I am just imagining thing, its quite dark in here you know. Besides, what is he doing so early here? He never comes early.


Do you want to know why?


Well… the answer is because he’s always late. Wahaha..ha..ha..heh..hmm.. Oi! This is a joke, so laugh!! Laugh!!! And this is not a request. Do you understand?




I better run.


Oh! Here I am… Wait! I should check first.




He’s here.


One… two… three… here I come!


Oh! Before that… could you please go now! I don’t want to be disturbed.




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(no subject)

from: love_akira
date: May. 3rd, 2008 02:44 am (UTC)

Ryo's commanding his Body to stop...hehe
Oh off to next part.

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